Protect Your Civil Rights

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The police are here to protect our community-not harass or arrest citizens unjustly. You should never have to worry about infringements to your civil rights during an interaction with law enforcement. If you've been a victim of police brutality, you need civil rights attorneys by your side to ensure that your rights are protected.

Call the Tucker Moore Group, LLP today. We focus on civil rights law in Grenada, MS, Ridgeland, MS, and Memphis, TN. We're passionate about helping clients in the communities we serve to fight back against police brutality.

Have you experienced police brutality?

Have you experienced police brutality?

If you or a loved one has been a victim of police brutality, call the Tucker Moore Group right away. We take police brutality cases that involve unjust arrest, shootings or excessive force. We can also represent you if a loved one was killed by law enforcement.

Our civil rights attorneys have 35+ years of combined legal experience. We're well-versed in civil rights law, and we'll work tirelessly during the course of your case to make sure that your voice is heard.

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